Gruß aus Serbien zum 2. Int. Anti-Jagd-Festival

Vorgetragen vor dem Brandenburger Tor, 6.08.2005


Grußwort des Vereins ’’Sloboda za životinje’’

Udruženje za zaštitu i prava životinja’’Sloboda za životinje’’
Cvijićeva br. 62, 11000 Beograd,
Tel: 064/168-55-75, Br. računa: 355-1050086-42

Dear Mr. Kurt Eicher

The Activists of our society for the protection of animal rights "Freedom for Animals", in Belgrade - Serbia - enthusiastically greets your 47th international demonstrations against hunting and completely supports your initiative to abolish hunting. We greet the gathering of all the societies for animal protection who are participating in the demonstrations you organize each month in Berlin.

We also, are active against hunting, or more precisely we are demanding that hunting reserves be transformed to national parks without hunting.

There have been positive reactions in certain sectors of the press. The film "Terror in the Forests" which describes your initiative to completely prohibit hunting has been translated to Serbian and we have shown it already several times at our public appearances in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

We will do all in our power for the success of this project here in Serbia, particularly because criminal activities, which have been associated with hunting for years, result in the agonizing death of a great number of animals and extensive ecological damage.
Sadly there are preparations underway for a world hunting congress here in Belgrade in two years time. Before this date we would like, through mutual co-operation, to impress on as many people as possible the necessity of taking a stand against hunting.

Best wishes from friends in Belgrade and Serbia to all friends of animals, from all parts of Europe, who have gathered today in Berlin,

Activists of the society "Freedom for Animals"

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